The last time we were in the Sweet Tomatoes in Fremont, Ca., we noticed that you had raised the price on your senior lunch from $7.49 to $7.99. This is quite a big jump of $.50 cents, and the low income seniors will not be able to afford it.

I could see raising the price to $7.69, but not such a big jump as you did. We will not be able to come in as often as we did due to the price increase.

I hope that you will consider lowering the price to $7.69 and if you do, then we might consider coming back to the Fremont, Ca. store.

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Buffalo, New York, United States #1327989

Restaurants must raise prices as food prices they themselves pay go up. It's a trickle down effect and no one is immune from it, senior or not.


It's a restaurant, not a charity. A 50 cent increase on an already-discounted price is hardly unreasonable! If you can't afford 50 cents maybe you should not dine out.

West Chicago, Illinois, United States #1050256

Stay home and eat dog food if you can't afford a 50 cent increase.

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